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The Thermostat Is More Important Than You Think!

Homeowners come from all different walks of life. We can almost guarantee that some people who are reading this blog right now are new homeowners who are trying to do their best in an older home. Some of our readers are old-school homeowners, who have been doing this kind of work for years or even decades. At this point, there’s not much we can tell you that you probably haven’t already heard!

However, one thing we’d like to shine a light on for every group of homeowners, is the thermostat. Huge technological advancements have made thermostats the center point for a lot of discussions on home efficiency, energy efficiency, and just general convenience. A new smart thermostat in Lake in the Hills, IL can go a long way toward keeping money where it belongs–in your pocket.

No matter what kind of homeowner you are, please follow along to learn more about what these amazing systems can do for your home. And if by the end of this blog post you think an upgrade is in your future, just give us a call!

Replacing Your Old Thermostat

There are plenty of old and beautiful homes in the Lake in the Hills area. These homes have an immense amount of charm and many new homeowners feel blessed when they get to live within those walls. But with old homes come old problems, and thermostats can be one of those problems.

If your home has an old thermostat, then it should definitely be replaced. This includes things like 20 year old digital thermostats from right around the turn of the millennia. For homeowners that have thermostats even older than these, like analog thermostats that still use mercury, not replacing these could mean allowing a toxic hazard to remain inside your home.

Do yourself a favor and even if you’re not sure about thermostat technology, consider replacing it. These systems are not designed to last for several decades or longer, so you’ll be better off in numerous ways with even a modest new thermostat.

New Ways to Use Thermostat Technology

Now, let’s get into the juicy details!

If you’ve never used a smart thermostat, then you’re really in for a treat. These systems can make automated adjustments to your home heating and cooling so that you save money over the long run. Think about it, when you go to bed, a smart thermostat will schedule in time where it eases up on your heating or cooling, so you get to sleep peacefully while saving fuel or energy until you wake up.

Also, these systems can measure your fuel consumption and energy savings over time, giving you feedback on additional ways to save money.


Did we mention that most smart thermostat models come with Wi-Fi connectivity? This means that you don’t even need to be at the thermostat in order to take advantage of the great new features. Just use a smartphone app with the associated thermostat and you’ll be able to change the temperature in your home, view your efficiency, and more!

Don’t hesitate to upgrade your thermostat with 24Hr Home Comfort Services Inc. Your Heating and Cooling Specialists.

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