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3 Tips for Keeping Your Condo Comfortable

Condos are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age, particularly because of how expensive the housing market has become, and with how people’s needs are changing. Many new homeowners don’t want the typical house with a lot of land or lawns they need to mow. A condo represents a smaller, yet much more affordable homeownership without some of the additional needs that come with owning a larger house.

However, because of how popular and amazing these homes can be, there are a few surprising facts about them that can take customers off guard when investing in a home comfort system. For instance, condos have less space overall than regular houses on the market, meaning that installing a full-blown air duct system might be a bad choice. In this case, we’d like to give a few tips to help you choose the best HVAC system in Lake in the Hills, IL.

Think About Insulation And Efficiency

Other, larger homes might have leaks in them but they’re harder to detect. This is due to the fact that larger homes with larger families in it have more space where leaks can occur. A large house is never going to be as energy efficient as a small space, like a condo, which is one of the unique benefits of purchasing this kind of property.

We want customers in condos to think about two major factors before they invest in a heating or cooling system–energy efficiency and insulation. Make sure doors are sealed shut when they’re closed, windows are double-paned for extra thermal protection, and even ensure that your floors or ceilings don’t have holes in them.

We can even work with you to add insulation in your walls to increase the R-value (measurement of insulation in your home) so that you get more out of your prospective HVAC system and pay less.

Go Ductless

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room–air ducts. If you’re looking to add a forced-air heating system in your condo, you’re going to run into an issue with air ducts. This is a pretty common situation because forced-air heating and cooling systems like furnaces and central air conditioners are usually more affordable to install than boilers, but they require air ducts.

The only system that doesn’t require these ducts, is a ductless mini split. These units, as the name implies, run via 1-4 air handlers that can be mounted on your walls, floors, or ceilings. They then produce the treated air right in the machine itself and disperse it into your home. These units save a lot of space for smaller living environments, and they’re extremely energy efficient as well!

Invest in a New Thermostat

Don’t forget to invest in a new thermostat if you have an old one! Thermostats can be a great way to improve your home’s efficiency, especially if you upgrade to a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat. These models can learn your comfort preferences and make adjustments when you’re on vacation or asleep to change the temperature by a single degree or two, lowering your energy or fuel bill tremendously over the year.

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