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5 Heating Tips for the Holidays

It might be time to take a break from all the holiday tunes you might be listening to as you prepare your presents and seasonal festivities. We don’t want to stop your enjoyment of the holidays, but we do want to discuss a few important tips that can help reduce stress and leave even more time for you to spend with the people you love.

Let’s think about it, without a heating system working at peak performance, how good can the holidays really be? Imagine waking up on a snowy day off, only to be freezing cold in your house due to a heater malfunction!

If you’d like to avoid that situation, then we can help. These tips are designed to improve the output and efficiency of your heating system. Depending on the unit you have and the unique situation of your home, things might differ–but that’s where our team can help with heating repair in Lake in the Hills, IL!

1. Change Out the Air Filter

Your heating system has an air filter that it relies on to clean out contaminants like dirt, dust, and pet dander. This part is vital, because the more clogged it gets, the closer your heating system can be to overheating and running into serious problems.

Think of your air filter like a protective seal for your heating unit that keeps only air entering and exiting the system. You can help to preserve the interior components of the system and improve your home’s efficiency by replacing this component right before the holiday season when you depend on it the most!

2. Unblock Your Air Vents

Sometimes, the fact that your home feels freezing cold isn’t anything that has to do with your heating system, but instead due to the fact that your vents are all blocked up.

Maybe you just got some new furniture to accommodate some family staying with you. Or perhaps one of your vents or pieces of ductwork broke. Feel free to rearrange your home or call for repairs, whatever it takes to keep your home warm and efficient.

3. Stay Vigilant

Heating components can come loose or break during the winter season. If you notice any strange noises or odors coming from your heating system, then that’s a very good reason to call our team for support.

Vigilance is one of the best tools in your tool box. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked up for any signs that something might be wrong.

4. Keep Things Relatively Clean

Are there boxes or old storage containers stacked up around your heating system? Then you might be contributing to a problem without even knowing it.

Your heater requires proper ventilation in order to work properly. This means keeping about two feet of space clear around the system. Your home doesn’t need to look immaculate, but it should be cleared enough for your heater to run properly.

5. Invest in Maintenance

Need an extra hand? Invest in maintenance before the holidays to make sure your heater has what it takes to keep your entire family cozy. This will give you peace of mind and let you focus on the important things.

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